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Introduction to the World of Magic.


This paradigm is dedicated to the idea of the vertical (fast) evolution of consciousness of personality, where you'll learn about magic and who are the Mages. You will be able to see the world through the eyes of Mages. Your thinking will be gradually reconstructed and you, from an intellectual level, revise the model of the world and of yourself.

From childhood we are taught to perceive the world in a certain way, long and carefully taught, and taught so well that we forgot that this is just one of the options of perception, not the most optimal. Later, when the level of your awakening expands, the terminology of the Mages will become obvious to you and no longer just intellectual paradigm. But this path to becoming a Mage is long and difficult. Someone will develop very quickly, someone will go slower.




First steps.

Usually, everyone who climbs the Magic is trying to wave his hands and perform strange rituals, i.e. climbing in Magic without the head. This leads to their great surprise, when something suddenly turns. And then begins a long run to the Mages and psychics with the requests to FREE THEM FROM THIS. Theoretical training will help you match your experience and experience of other Mages. This does not mean that it drives you to narrow (THIS IS THE ONLY WAY). It will expand your awareness about (AND SO IT IS POSSIBLE TOO). It would be nice to see you have formed your opinion of Magic, your own position (BASE, THAT YOU WILL ENHANCE BY YOUR EXPERIENCE). The fact, that in the Magic quoted individuality. The word "WE" here does not pass. By the way here is obviously you can track the difference between school of self-development and the sect. Here is listed only "I", because self-own development is a personal decision. This means that all the “uncle's level” and power, be it sacred Baba or powerful demigod – is “uncle’s achievements”, and your level you deserve yourself. So, we give you semi-processed goods, you digest it all until the assimilation. Do not be greedy, you should have a sense of internal model, which is fully in tune with you – your “path with heart”. This means that this model is hooked up with your personality, became a part of it. This will allows you to change and after change of yourself – you will begin to change your model. Create a support-confidence, without which, you'll only puppets, manipulators, who practiced “uncle’s level” and work on the “uncle”. For example, in the presence of “uncle” you could something turns out, and when you are alone - no. This is a typical example of what this quality you do not have inside, it is in an "uncle". We currently pay in mind that any model – it's just a model. That the reality – far more unintelligible and confusing than all the models together. That when run into the Real Magic – ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. But the model will allow your mind does not fall into a coma in a collision with the unknown, it's actually not so little. And your "I", not fallen into a hysteric, can enrich their model by external acquired knowledge and gain a foothold on a new level. And another thing: do not take things too seriously. Serious people in the Magic get serious kicks and believe that they are serious hurt. Humour helps to reduce the importance of, and less importantly – faster succumb to change. At this stage, you attunes to the base state adoption of new information – “finding a path in life”. Mage of first level has already found its way (passed 18th Arcana).



Acceptance of information.


Each theory has a key. The key to the theory is a condition, in which it was written and what is meant by these words the author. Without it, words are empty. In this case there are disputes with the empty top of the page (for example, scriptures, manuscripts, the theory of relativity, etc.). There are some, who are trying to be the mouthpiece of the Gods. Therefore, when dealing with the pure theory, a vicious circle is coming out. For a complete understanding must state, at a time, as this work is describes this state. That is why people – theorists in Magic, too often fall into the trap of their own thought forms. The barrier is natural and it is useless to fight with. Different people have different knowledge is true.



Scepticism and fanatism.


There is a different approach to reading literature – reading should hold the state of "acceptance". Be able to accept the new and not only in words, but take all of your heart, your own essence - is the first step of adept. State of scepticism, which occurs constantly when reading the Magic literature, is nothing but an attempt to slow down (it’s only one set of brakes). It can be confused with blind faith or fanatical, but it is not. State of acceptancework Anahata Chakra and is available on the first level of Magic (taking heart – close to the truth). This is a completion of its own microchip, own structures of the consciousness by this signal. Output signal is changed; where in quiet mode is processed with no lowering of the signal down to the level below. This is allows you to fill your cup with knowledge.

Blind faith is – fanaticism, occurs when there is no link for a model of consciousness and unwillingness to think and to complete construction of this model (mainly arises from the Warriors). Fanatics – they are good conductors (wires) are in a trance, but they do not shape the signal itself, and work out his "feet" on their level. Since with these people do not talk about anything.





Surely you have your own understanding of Magic. This view often creates a strong filter and does not provide new information for you to get to you. Try to clean your ideas and look at the material, provided to you, without them. Some of the material may cause the rejection, what is natural and it indicates that your idea about this stuff does not correspond to reality. But this is not to say that the material is wrong .Your doubts may be sincere – do not perceive this piece of knowledge, that resides outside of your world view. And such people can grasp and complete it, unlike people who think that everything knows and understands, though not possess real knowledge subject.

Ability to realize the lack of knowledge and incomprehension – it is the first step to knowledge.




Overflow the bowl.

Once you can accept the knowledge that you are confronted with a barrier, "the cup overflow 'when you can not continue to" take. "A state where there is an answer, but there is no question of your inner, inner needs. In this state, to meditate on the adoption of knowledge to fully grasp, trying to get in depth, "find the essence."Meditate on every line, because in every line there is a generalized experience of many states. When states become accessible to you, you are approaching the limits of knowledge and you have lots of questions, your consciousness expands.Your bowl is increased and you can read materials on, even if there is written is not about that.



Interaction with the system.

Next, we consider one more important going for each stage – the work on the system.If a person is involved in working with Hot-swappable, so this leg, at which the system rests, something magical about the development of this human difficult.In order to begin to develop themselves as part of the system, you must obtain "permission to the spirit."Necessary that the system "gave the green light for development of itself. To practice the first level, enough self wants and desires. To practice the second level is not enough, we must "permit system". Now the time was born quite a lot of mages 1 level and their society is already quite large. This means that the time to serve T he system can be reduced and be able to "access" quickly enough.In this case, under the system we mean what is described as the "Spirit" in K. Castaneda, a Reason Planet.


In a healthy body – healthy mind.

You take a step and enter into another area of space. It has its own laws. When you turn there is an effect of call in the launching. This means that h jerk felt by both sides.In developing the pulse energy at the level of physics, what happens to people who can not absorb the momentum of his consciousness, the body begins to rattle and fall apart. So your experience of training in martial arts, qigong and yoga will benefit. These disciplines clean energy channels in the body, strengthen the skeleton of the body and its ability to not fall apart. If you do not have such experience, we recommend that salt baths with aromatic additives.



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