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The Sacred Book of Thoth

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The Sacred Book of Thoth

By Boris Monosov

Translated by Svetlana & Gennady Kuznetsov


Chapter 1.
Concept of the Thoth Major Arcane


The Sephiroth Tree and the concept of the Sephirotic Magic.


Magic is a system of the ancient knowledge left behind after the destruction of the Atlantis Civilization. People of Atlantis have been very advanced in psycho- and bio- technologies. In the process of researching the properties of the Earth biosphere Atlantis scientists have discovered that our planet possesses of the consciousness that is very different from that of the human. The same time the consciousness of the mankind constitutes an essential part of the planetary consciousness. Atlantis scientists produced a diagram of energy circulation in the channels of the planetary consciousness. This diagram has been named “Sephiroth Tree” or “The Tree of Life”.


On this diagram the centres of the excitation of the planetary consciousness named “Sephiroths” depicted as globes, and vectors of the energy circulation named “Channels” presented as lines. This reflects the view of the Atlantean on the structure and functionality of the planetary consciousness. Atlantean also developed the methods of fine-tuning of the human consciousness to the planetary consciousness. By using these methods Atlantis Magicians were able to control the processes on the Earth as well as the physical properties of the space in her vicinity.


The ability of human being to interact with planetary consciousness has been later called “the Sephirotic Magic”. After the destruction of the Atlantis Civilisation following by dozens of millenniums, the arising Ancient Egypt civilisation was able to restore and to use successfully the lost knowledge of Atlantis.


According to the ancient legend the well-known Crown of Ra was a tool for telepathic reading of the ancient Atlantis books. With the use of this artefact the priests of the House of Thoth have studied the information written on metallic disks, Altanteans used for preserving their knowledge.  This information then has been interpreted and re-written on papyrus. The collection of those papyruses was combined into the manuscript with the title of   “The Sacred Book of Thoth”


This book was a key to the powerful Egyptian magic. Using knowledge from this book, wise Egyptian priests were able to predict events and influence a future. Using their minds they travelled into the distant past and rediscovered lost technologies. There are some hypothesises that Ancient Egyptians knew the colour photography, have made rechargeable battery and luminescent light in a form of fluorescent glass bulb with radioactive substance. The other example of application of ancient knowledge is when Moses, as an apprentice of the Egyptian priests, used “The Sacred Book of Thoth” to create a path across the Dead See for his people. The see gave way to the Moses, but drown the Pharaoh’s army.


However the progress of the magic art in Ancient Egypt has changed its direction towards Necromancy. With the use of  one part of “The Sacred Book of Thoth”, which describes the methods of work with the World of Dead (now known as “Egyptian Book of Dead” or “Nekrominicon”), priests started to revive dead bodies, construct horrible zombies and use mummification principles to create bodies for the demons.

This came into the conflict with the fundamental principle of Magic – the Balance of Living and Dead. In these circumstances the Guild of Magicians has declared a war in order to destroy those cults. With clear understanding of the power of the enemy the Egyptian priests haven’t got other choice but to prepare to die. Possessing the technique of reincarnation the priests were not afraid of death, but they wanted to preserve the knowledge that gives them mighty power.


There is a well known legend about the secret meeting of the priests just before the nomads “Hikos” strike the Egyptian Empire. There has been a single question on the agenda: how to preserve the knowledge. The legend tells that only three options have been suggested: to curve text on stone tablets and hide it in the mountains, to make the golden plates with text and hide them underneath of Great Pyramid and finally to create a gambling game and popularize it. Later the stone tablets were found by Moses on the Sinai Mountain, the golden plates are still missing, but the card game became widely popular in the modern world.


The deck of cards created by Egyptian priests has been named Taro or Ta-rot. It is a predecessor of all known kinds of playing-cards. The cards hold the text of “Sacred Book of Thoth” written with Sacred Hieroglyphic script. This script has been designed so that it can only be understood on the intuitive level and only by the people familiar with the Secret Magical Keys. It was only the knowledge of those Magical Keys the priests would take with them into the beyond.


Later Moses described those Magical Keys in his “Book of Revelation” where he included the full description of few cards. For example the story about the Temptation of Adam in fact is just a description of the 6-th Major Arcane. Subsequently legendary King Solomon depicted the keys in the manuscript known as “The Key of Solomon The King”. Currently only a small part from the book written in 14th century survived.  There is also an assumption that the famous “Book of Abraham the Jew,” of Nicholas Flamel represents a partial description of few cards of a Minor Arcane written by unknown Jewish Magician.


Channels, Arcanas and Magic Circles.


The Tarot Desk contains two parts: Major and Minor Arcane. The Major Arcane consists of 22 cards describing the Sephirotic Magic. Generally this part of Magic is called Ritual Magic and dedicated to the methods of influence upon planetary processes. The Cards of this Arcane include instructions for Magician how to adjust consciousness in tune with the Channels of the Sephirotic Tree.


People are usually conveying several Arcane at the same time. As to magicians, their consciousness set up to conduct single Arcane. In this case the efficiency of the influence on planetary processes by mind is far greater.


The group of Magicians conducting energy of the same Arcane forms the Magic Circle. The minds of Magicians of the Magic Circle actively interact with each other, attuning to the energy of this particular Channel.




The Tarot Cards contain instructions on how to tune consciousness to a “frequency” of the Channel. These instructions are written in symbols called “Glyphs”. Each glyph symbolises one or more particular functions or state.


The Major Arcane Cards are distributed along the helix, where properties of the energy reiterated. Thus, the 1st Arcane Card somehow matches the 10th Arcana’s Card (10=1+0=1) and the 19th Arcana’s Card (19=1+9=10=1). Each Card of the Major Arcane includes a “picture” (glyphs), a character (phoneme), a number and astrological meaning. The transcript of the Card explains the method of tuning into the Channel. The Phoneme describes “frequency characteristic” of a Channel. The card number represents the interaction of this Channel with the others.


For example, the “quality” of the energy of the 5th Channel is equal to the sum of the “qualities” of the 4th and the 1st Channel’s energies. The Astrological Meaning of the Card allows to determine variations of the behaviour of the energy with time. By using astrological dependencies it is possible to determine maximum and minimum of the energy of the given Channel. In accordance to this astrological dependency the relevant Magic Circle is activated.


The work with the Minor Arcane is the key to the Alchemy. The Magicians, who acquired mastery of working with the Elements, which is hidden in the glyphs of the Minor Arcane, gain the power over the Matter. The Minor Arcane consists of 56 cards, which in turn is divided into four denominations (or – Elements) with 14 cards (Grades) in each. The four Magical Elements defined as follows: The Swords – element of Fire; The Wands – element of Air; The Pentacles – element of Earth; The Cups – element of Water.


When the work with the Major Arcane allows to manipulate the energies and processes within the Earth, the Minor Arcane covers the Universe. When moving around the grades of the Minor Arcane from “Twos” to “Aces”, the Magician is shifted towards the verges of the Universe. In this case this is not a travel in 3-dimensional space, but rather movements within the structure of the space towards to the boundaries, which separate our Universe from other Universes, built with other Elements. Adjoined to ours will be those with at least one element that matches at least one of the elements in our Universe. Thus, the Worlds of Fire represent the Universes, which contains at least element of Fire.


Traditionally these elements associated with well known to the science aggregative states of a matter. For that the Fire corresponds to the plasma, the Earth – to solid matter; the Water – to the liquid and the Air – to the gases. In addition these elements form different aspects of metric of a space: the Fire – energy; the Earth – density (information); the Water – time and the Air – chaos (entropy).


Fireball and working with the Major Arcane.


Fireball is a system of the exercises with energy, underlying the whole system of Sephirotic Magic. It explains the methods of working with Major Arcane of Taro.


All kinds of Magical Rituals are being described in various Magical treatises. However, despite of wide variety of forms, all come to an attempt of inclusion into the same 22 Channels of the Sephirot Tree. Sacrifices, making potions and elixirs, casting spells and creating all sorts of artefacts, in the upshot all have one purpose – to integrate one’s consciousness with the energy of the Planetary Channels.


For altering consciousness to transfer the energy of the Channels one can use the technique of Arcane Decoding described in the books of the Fireball series. Once united with these Channels, the highest abilities inherent to the Channels (the Sidhis or supernatural powers) can be achieved. Depending on the direction of energy circulation, Sidhis can be applied internally or externally. There are two main directions of the energy circulation through the human body. One of them called The Dao’s Circle and implies bottom-up flow of the energy. In that case External Energy, modulated by the individual’s mind, directed further to impact on external objects. Another one is a top-down flow of the energy. (Reverse Circle). In this case the modifications happen in the magician himself.

Audio Arcanas.

A new method has been created for adjusting consciousness in tune with the Channels of the Sephirotic Tree. This method uses the acoustic energy generated by audio system. However, it is not meant to be used by listening, but rather the energy should be absorbed by entire body. Based on the states, attained when engaged via Taro Cards, the sequence of audio records in a form of program has been created. These audio records contain active signals that adjust the state of individual for receiving the energy of the Channel. They can be played on ordinary audio system, although the best results could be achieved with the purpose-built emitter.


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