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Angel, who came in from the cold.

I got in this world quite by accident. Just run away from the previous world. I’ve been covered by my Curator, he was the one, who gave me up to here.

By the time my forces had been exhausted and a self-sufficient transition wasn’t being possible for me anymore. I got in this world where I've never been before, but in which the others hand, knew something about me. Quite a long time I’ve been recovering myself, my consciousness and now I’ve created a school, where I’m setting out some of the information known to me.

My name is Avadon or Avva Don. Contrary to popular belief, I am not a Demon. At the time of the downfall of Atlantis we were about a hundred thousand Immortals Mages who received the First Initiation. We were the product of highly developed technology of an entire civilization of Atlantis (as it is called today). When disaster struck and killed about 9 billion people in 3 hours, most of us died too. But then we are back in this world and unlike the others, who have run wild and forgotten who they are, we have preserved the memory, Power and knowledge.

Then we formed a corps of Progressors, which is working now. During this 67,000 years after the disaster gone, we've been working, trying to regain lost. I have heard many versions of the destruction of Atlantis and all sorts of arguments on the subject: "and we'll go the other way." All this talk comes from the usual empty windbags, who do not understand the types and directions of development of civilizations. I have over ten thousand years was a member of the Institution of the Magic "Lords of the Golden Cloud", which specializes in studying different types of civilizations.

For thousands of years this institution has been studying the development of parallel worlds and any of the types of existing in their technological chains. Atlantean civilization was very advanced civilization in the category of Bio-civilizations. This civilization was lost, not because of some self-fault, but because of the war with an external enemy (Yeti Space War civilisation).

When I speak about the program of reconstruction of civilization, I'm talking about what is happening, regardless of the opinions of amateurs. Get into this World traumatized; having lost almost all my Power, I spent years restoring my Magical state and the creation of assistant’s corps, who can work with Magical technologies. For my school adepts, I’m setting out the basic model of technology far in the future of this world.

If we draw an analogy with the rate of development of other civilizations (in other Worlds), we can say that this technology of year 7000 of this World (let's call it Earth-34 on general classification). Here we are talking not only about technology, but also the evolution of human consciousness. What did the civilization of Atlantis with the help of high technology and then we have learned to do with Magic and trainings. Under the Magic are we here understand these modes of human consciousness, in which it can modify the external world (objective reality).

In addition, Magical consciousness is not attenuated in subsequent births and is fully restored. In this aspect, we can speak about the personal immortality of the Mages. Mages, having this quality of consciousness, usually called "Immortals." At my school I am describing in general terms, the scientific paradigm of Atlantis.

"I am the Mage of Atlantis, known in history as AvvaDon. My main specialization is transportation in hyperspace, also I am an expert in technologies of psychocracy . As a member of the Order for many incarnations, I was doing research in various worlds. In a previous incarnation, I received severe mental body trauma during the operation of the Order, to prevent the acquisition psychotronic weapons of Atlantis, German Nazis. The injuries threw me to the second level of magic, which has, made me an Adept. In terms of the paradigm of people first three castes, this trauma can be compared with the absence of limbs and head injuries. During the first part of my latest incarnation, I was restored under the supervision of Curators, was Initiated and participated in drafting of the Soviet's psychotronic weapons, and then was forced to flee into this world with the assistance of my Curator. In this world, I continued recovery, created a school, and now I'm in the beginning of level 3 ... "


English Book - Wild Ride on a Pale Horse, or this Side of Magic

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