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Welcome to Atlantis School website!

Master Magick is group/individual teaching both online and face-to-face for the research and development in the field of human consciousness.

Atlantis Magick School is more than 30 years old. This school’s concept and paradigm is based on these specific traditions and methods.

Its goal is to help students open and develop their inner and external vibrational frequencies.

Such as Power of Knowing, Power of Spirit, Power of Elements, Power of Tarot Arcanes, Power of Runes, Power of wealth creation and, most importantly, Power of Consciousness that unites human and natural forces as a Whole.

This way of development is called the Middle Way or the Middle Path in spiritual teachings, when a person develops new skills and uses acquired knowledge to achieve certain personal and social goals.

We solve problems, finding solutions for different situations, achieving goals and providing support and Healing for the participants.


The purpose of our group is to understand the background of Magick, to get to know what it is and what it is not, and learn how it can be a powerful tool to transform your life.

The Heritage and Legacy of Magick.

Practical Magick


Creating your own Magickal space

Magickal Artifacts, Mandalas. 

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