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Welcome to Atlantis School website!
In our school we carry out study and research on human consciousness and its development.
The way we structured information on this website should help you get a good initial idea of our school’s concept and paradigm that is based on certain philosophical tradition and methods.
It is important to realize that one can master a subject only by deeply studying it. Likewise, reading just the contents of a book is not the same as the knowledge you get after its thorough read. Scattered knowledge and shallow understanding is dangerous as it could lead to illusions and send you on a wrong path.
That is why we built the site with the idea to give you the right information at the right time and in the order of priority helping you to avoid any misunderstanding and enhance your intuitive grasp of the meaning of phenomena described here.
After you properly study the basic information provided at the website we could move towards deeper subjects.
Atlantis School has been functioning for more than 20 years and has its followers and students of different levels in many places in the world. We teach by correspondence, by seminars and practical training, as well as by using the Project Group practices to help solving problems, finding solutions for different situations, achieving goals and providing support for the project participants.
Our project is not only educational. Its goal is to help students open and develop their different powers, both inner and external. Such as Power of Knowing, Power of Spirit, Power of Elements, Power of Tarot Arcane, Power of Runes and, most importantly, Power of Consciousness that unites human and nature forces as a Whole.
This opening and reinforcing of Power happens without taking a person away from social life. On the contrary, it makes your social life better and more harmonious. Such way of development is called the Middle Way or the Middle Path in spiritual teachings. We call it the Magic Warrior Path – when a person develops new skills and uses acquired magic knowledge to achieve certain social and personal goals.
Here are just very few of our faculties:

  • Energy-Information Help – help in complicated situations. Healing.
  • Money Server – creating special conditions that help to increase your wealth and money power by using certain technologies that deal with Money Egregore.
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