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When people talk about Magick today, they usually refer to a system of prejudices and delusions that have survived until now in isolated groups of savages, living at the level of the Stone Age and compilations of pseudo-scientists and adventurers trying to speculate on the ignorance of the crowd and its desire for the miraculous. None of the “serious scientists” have a right to get into this scandalous area without the risk of being subjected to “excommunication” from “legitimate” science. On the other hand, in a world where about 80% of the world’s population is religious, it is very hard not to pay attention to the statements of religious figures.

Not experiencing warm feelings for each other, leaders of different religious faiths converge on their negative attitude towards Magick. These figures just do not doubt the effectiveness of magickal knowledge, however, modestly considering that only their confession is having involvement in Divine providence, they write off all other religious trends, Magick, above all, which they also refer to religions, to the machinations of Satan and his henchmen.

In connection with the foregoing, it seems to me it would be interesting to know the point of view of the Magi themselves. I must say that from time to time the press and television have an opportunity to speak out to those people who are somehow considered to be involved into Magick. However, watching such performances, I did not experience anything but astonishment. It seemed that there was a meeting with people who have a different system of perception of the world, based on a fundamentally different paradigm, BUT the conversation does not go beyond the discussion of whether these “magi” can heal a hernia or a headache. Despite all the experiments and developments in the field of distant biological interaction, the conversation about “biological fields” and the possibility of the existence of “psychics” have not left the stage of rumours and conversations for the last hundred years. The most correct and “orthodox” scientific research did not change this situation. Any demonstrations are perceived by eyewitnesses as a miracle or deception and, at best, are classified as a phenomenon. What are we dealing with here? With a genetically programmed mistrust, or with some peculiarity of human consciousness? And, perhaps, with God’s craft, which opposes the insidious machinations of the devil. In order to clarify the situation, I took the time to write this article.

Magick through the eyes of the Magi.

We ourselves consider Magick as a system of knowledge and, in no case, we associate it with beliefs in anything, and we are not adherents of any kind of religion, including Satanism. In this regard, Magi can be considered materialists. Magi consider themselves to be representatives of another civilization (not cosmic aliens) and feel in the modern world much the same way Miklouho-Maclay felt among the Papuans. In accordance with their views, the Papuans could consider him a god, devil or wizard, although he was a simple researcher with a European higher education.

Civilization, the bearers of knowledge of which are Magi, died about 65 thousand years ago. By the time of its death, it had outstripped the level of development of modern civilization by about 5,000 years (this is much more than the difference between the level of development of European civilization and the civilization of the Papuans at the time of Miklouho-Maclay’s visit). At the peak of its development, this ancient civilization (of the Magi) was able to improve a person by changing a speed of one’s evolution as a biological species. The result of this work was a new species of people, later called Magi. These creatures formed a completely new type of society, built on other principles.

One of the important (but not the only) differences of Magi is the ability of having so-called “continuous memory”. This mechanism allows the Magi, in subsequent incarnations (births or rebirths) to restore the memory of their previous incarnations. Such ability gives the Magi the opportunity to develop progressively, summing up the accumulated knowledge, and allows not to start from the beginning every time, as the rest of humanity does. As a result of this ability, Magi turned into a civilization of immortals.

The destruction of the civilization of the Atlantis that spawned the Magi and the planetary cataclysm could not hurt them. Having been born again through the centuries in a changed world, they were all the same people who studied in Atlantis and absorbed its knowledge and wisdom. Continuing the path of accelerated evolution, these people developed new “transcendent” abilities in themselves.

As it turned out, the evolution of man is divided into certain stages, which determine the specificity of one’s perception of the world and the definition of one’s role in it. Magi call these stages “castes” They distinguish four castes of people, representing four time segments of development of personality (the same, taking into account rebirth), during which certain types of consciousness differ from each other. The Magi themselves constitute the fourth caste of people, or the fourth stage in the evolution of man. In turn, this caste can also be divided into four stages, or levels. At the same time, the Magi of all these four levels are as seriously different from each other as the people of the four castes.

Exploring the types of consciousness of people of different castes and of the Magi themselves, the Magi found that, having different types of consciousness, the representatives of these groups create quite different models of the world. So, for example, people of 1-3 castes live in the described world, the structure of which they do not really care about, while they prefer the simplest models. Most of all people of these castes are interested in mutual relations with each other. People of the fourth caste, on the contrary, prefer complex models, paying much attention to them, and they are not very interested in their relationships with other people. That is why there is a need for a religion as a simple and complete descriptive model of the world. Religions are only necessary for people of 1-3 castes.

On the other hand, science is a dynamic, evolving model of the world that satisfies the needs of the consciousness of people of level 4.1. of the 4th caste. Magi (4.2 – 4.4 levels), like immortal beings, are not interested in modern science, since they actually have access to a system of models created by the Atlantis, that was 5,000 years ahead of all known achievements. That is Magick.  Magi are not interested neither in the construction of models nor in any new research of the surrounding world. Instead of that, Magi develop themselves, which increases their different types of abilities. The result of this development is the ability to personally verify the validity of the model of the world proposed by Magi. Thus, for Magi, their chosen model of the world is an object of direct knowledge.

World of the Magi.

The paradigm, or model of the World, where the Magi operate, is very complex in detail, but it is in general described very simply. The Magi’ model describes the world from the outside and from the inside. In other words, there are two connected models describing the same things and processes from these different points of view.

The first paradigm can be described as an idealistic one, but in the world of computer science, it will not surprise anyone very much. The world exists as information. Each object is a kind of “word”, existing within a program that describes the world. The word, or a “true name” has 22 signs or digits. The program describes all the 22 interactions, based on the number of digits. This model is called a Cabalistic one. Knowledge in this category of Magick is associated with knowledge in the programming language (true language). In the same Model, the computer itself is described, in which all this information exists.

There is an analogy between planetary consciousness and consciousness of a human. Fundamentally, we are conglomerates of cells, and our consciousness is a certain new quality that arises on the basis of the summation of the characteristics of a large number of units. The planetary consciousness, or consciousness of the biosphere, sums up the consciousnesses of organisms, viruses and crystals, giving out a new quality. Consciousness of the planets form the consciousness of the solar systems, consciousness of which forms the consciousness of the Galaxies. Thus, we come to the consciousness of the Universe, that by definition is the receptacle of everything. Thus, the entire existing world can be considered as a model constructed by this consciousness and existing only in information. Similarly, the known world is only a model built by our consciousness based on signals received from the senses. One should realise that there is no guarantee that the perceived picture is the same for everyone.

The second model of the world, or the Magi paradigm, describes the world as a material world so-called Linear Magick, that describes the program from the inside. This is similar to the picture that appears on the display screen. In this paradigm, a 22-bit word is converted into a 22-dimensional object. Any objects will interact with each other by the described method and will become absolute material for each other.

For example, if you imagine a world described by a program stored on a floppy disk, then the inhabitants of this world would consider it absolute material, and they would not believe in the computer. Moreover, no matter how much they dig the soil of their world with a shovel, they still would never go to the floppy disk. In that world, atheism can prevail – the lack of faith in the “programmer”, or religion will win – the belief in the “programmer” and his design. Religious fanatics may have a terrible idea of a lunch break or even the end of the “programmer’s” working day. Then “ The Apocalypse” will be written, or something else, even more terrible.

Now, imagine that one of the inhabitants of this world came up with a programming language (“divine language”) and began to complete the program. In high-level languages, there are macros, and the utterance of these “evocation of angels” can greatly change the program. For example, a good Angel “create” will give the caller something useful, while the evil angel “remove” will destroy it, along with a piece of the program in which the unlucky sorcerer is.

The world described by the Magi’s model consists of 22 dimensions. At the same time, people of different castes perceive the world in varying degrees. So for people of 1-3 castes the world is 3-dimensional. Magi of level 1 have a 4-dimensional perception, Magi of level 2 perceive the 7-dimensional world. At the same time for Magi of the 3rd level, the world is 9-dimensional. Finally, those who have reached the 4th level perceive 12-dimensional space, that is the maximum for the human structure of consciousness. Therefore, Magi of the 4th level transform into another form to acquire higher levels of consciousness and cease to be human, so we will not discuss here the properties of the Magi of the 5th level.

The level of perception of 1-3 castes, inaccessible to the consciousness of people, is usually called the “world of spirits”. Consider an example: a flat man lives on a plane. He is a materialist and  believes only in the two-dimensional objects of his world. Now imagine that a fly flies over the plane. This flat man here does not believe in it. If it falls on its plane, then 6 objects will appear in the field of perception of a little man (fly’s paws), and they will be real for a two-dimensional materialist. A fly will be a “spirit” for him, but a completely ordinary fly for a three-dimensional observer. But Magi perceiving 4th or 7th dimensional space, have the vision of spirits (n-dimensional objects moving in n-dimensional space).

Features of Magickal Consciousness.

In order to talk about the consciousness of the Magus, you need to talk about the Assemblage Point, an organ that is available to any person and, outside the perception zone for people with three-dimensional consciousness. Functionally, the Assemblage Point is similar to the TV channel switch when you are watching TV, the world that you perceive corresponds to the television channel you are tuned on. When you switch the channel, you get to a completely different world, corresponding to the program of programs broadcast on this channel. Returning to the computer model of the world, we can say that the Assemblage Point mounts a program for us from a data of information, in accordance with some rule. The Assemblage Point also exists in crystals (living, or rather, intact), plants and animals, although it is only a reasonable creature (as we understand it) who is able to consciously operate with this organ.

Magi say that the Assemblage Point “mounts” the world. Accordingly, for each individual, the remaining people and objects are external. As a result, there is a picture of the world, or a program that is resultant of all Assemblage Points. Magi call this picture of the world a ‘Covenant’. We can say that a number of programs are scrolled simultaneously on the computer, and by manipulating the Assemblage Point, you can move from one program to another, or travel between parallel worlds. Magi distinguish several types of movement (functioning) of the Assemblage Point, including vertical movement (relative to the human energy cocoon), transverse movement, and movement perpendicular to the cocoon – outward or inward. By “energy cocoon” one understands the length of the body from measurements that are beyond the limits of normal perception.

Example: a ball is on the plane. For a flat man – the inhabitant of the two-dimensional world – the ball is a point (the point of contact with the plane). Two balls standing here on a plane can enter into interaction at a distance of two radii, which will be incomprehensible to a flat man, as there is a great distance between two points in his world. To explain the distant interaction, the little man will introduce the concept of “energy fields”.

When the Assemblage Point moves vertically, the structure of the person changes. Imagine that we are projecting a fountain pen on the plane. At a perpendicular position, we see a circular spot on the plane, and when the projection angle changes, the shape of the projection of the object will change, too. Thus, when moving the Assemblage Point vertically, a person changes one’s appearance, in which case the movement of the Assemblage Point downwards changes the appearance of the person towards the animal’s beginning (remember the shadow theatre, where the actor’s hand can depict the wolf). When the Assemblage Point moves upward, a person is perceived as an Angel (a superhuman being). The Assemblage Point is fixed steadily in some position with the help of external energy. On the human body, there are seven vertical zones of possible fixation of the Assemblage Point (they are also called the Chakras). These zones correspond to the seven frequency ranges in which energy is exchanged with the organism of the planet. Depending on the caste, this exchange occurs in a more or less high frequency range (the higher the cast, the more high-frequency energy channel is used). The higher the Chakra is involved (as the fixing point of the Assemblage Point), the higher the level of human consciousness (the number of perceived dimensions of space). When the Assemblage Point moves across the cocoon, the Covenant, or the principle of assembling the world, changes. In other words, a person is displaced into a parallel world.

Parallel Worlds.

Magi view time as a measurement, while claiming that it is not one but two-dimensional. If changes and processes are associated with the first dimension, then the second dimension corresponds to the multi-variance of the events and is called the “time extension”. Thus, the process of program development becomes branching, when programs arise that are a branch from the original one. There is a structure here of a tree with a trunk and branches. The trunk represents the most likely course of the process, while branches are less likely pathways; all branches, in turn, also branch out, giving out increasingly less probable variants that eventually tend to zero (here we are confronted with the theory of limits). Between worlds, there are “transitions” – branch points; points of space that simultaneously have the physics (properties) of both worlds. Therefore, they are anomalous (anomalous zones) for both worlds. Once in such a zone, an ordinary person can move to a parallel world (its Assemblage Point has been rebuilt). Meanwhile Magi can move anywhere (if they have enough energy), and each of the worlds has a certain range of possibilities (like a river having not only length, but width).

Accordingly, the terms of the Covenant (or description of the world and its physics) differ in the middle and on the edges of the range. Between worlds (Covenants), by analogy with television channels, lie unstructured zones (information arrays), called “subspace”. Coming out of space into the “subspace”, a person loses synchronization with the dimensionality of the space-time flow and can enter back at any point of space-time.


Sooner or later, any civilization of densely populated space will discover the n-dimensional structure of the world and will come to the idea of subspace movements. However, this requires a fundamentally new technology. In particular, a ship that can move into a subspace is an artificial creature possessing an Assemblage Point with an artificially controlled movement. Inside such a ship there are several vehicles for moving in ordinary space. The “Ship uterus” goes into the subspace and synchronizes with the flow at any given point in space-time. The difficulty here is navigation; where, in practice, reconnaissance ships move at random and build spatial tunnels between the departure point and the point of their location. The coordinate is the material object, pulled out from the space-time point. It is “assembled” in accordance with the current Covenant and is the exact coordinate in space and time. The power of such a beacon here depends on its mass.

Interdimensional tunnels.

An object of another world, placed in this world, shifts the Assemblage Point of a person near it, although the impact energy may not be sufficient. To offset the Assemblage Point here, it is necessary to compensate for the energy of its fixation, which, as mentioned above, comes from the outside. To create spatial tunnels, various types of machines were built, one of which is the Labyrinth. The system of dark monotonous transitions, silencing any sounds, violates the person’s understanding of the space metric and, moreover, deprives the Assemblage Point of fixation energy. Placed in the center of the Labyrinth, a monolith brought from another world can set the Assemblage Point for new terms of the Covenant, that is to switch people to the perception of another world.

The Minotaur, devouring people in a maze, is an ancient symbol of interdimensional tunnels that serve to transport colonists (victims of the Minotaur) from one world to another. The sign “minotaur” was usually placed on the monolith, indicating the danger in the Atlanteans.

Incubator of Magi.

Earlier it was said that the Atlanteans managed to get the Mages artificially. The machines of the Atlanteans used for this purpose, were called “sarcophagi”. “Sarcophagus” is an isolated zone of space (camera), which disconnects the Assemblage Point of a person placed inside it from the Covenant. By de-energizing the Assemblage Point, the “sarcophagus” creates a clot of energy with a controlled frequency. Deprived of fixation, the Assemblage Point is shifted into the wake of an externally-controlled clot of energy. Thus, it is possible to change the human caste by artificially moving the Assemblage Point. In addition, the “sarcophagus” can be used to move between worlds, shifting the Assemblage Point horizontally.

Magick as a path of evolution.

The Atlanteans managed to create Magi of the 2nd level. After the death of Atlantis and all its technologies, it was necessary to develop new methods for accelerating evolution. The position of fixing of the Assemblage Point difines the type of interaction with the outside world. Magi call it “magickal practices” or “Great Work.” The meaning of such an activity, unlike the usual method of committing acts, doesn’t consist from obtaining an external result, but from working out internal qualities (changing the position of fixing of the Assembly Point). Having worked out the technique, Magi created a network of schools on the planet, aimed at the evolution of mankind (in order to increase the society of Magi). For centuries, since the death of Atlantis, the magi of Atlantis continued their development, passing various levels. At this point, most of the Magi of Atlantis have transcended human evolution, ending their development on the 4th level of Magick. There are few Atlantis left in this world, delayed for various reasons, and a large number of students. There is also an important element in the development of the Magi, which is the secret of the transition from one level of Magick to another, called “initiation”, and it is associated with various methods of giving necessary energy to the Assemblage Point in order to fix it at the next level. In various traditions, various methods of “initiations” are used, but true initiations differ from profanations by real energy transfer. Moreover, “empowered” ones are often given all sorts of badges and certificates, but it makes no sense, either, as there is no point in giving the caterpillar a certificate that it is a butterfly. Whether it is a caterpillar or a butterfly, no evidence can help here.

Secrets of the pyramids.

Pyramids are part of the ancient technology of Atlantis, and it’s technology is associated with interstellar travel. We have already mentioned  about the directions of the displacement of the Assemblage Point and mentioned the possibility of shifting the Assemblage Point outward, perpendicular to the cocoon. With this offset, the Assemblage Point begins to read the Covenant at the point in the space where it moved. Magi call this phenomenon “exit from the body,” in the sense that a person is able, in this state, to perceive events occurring at a distance from the location of his physical body. However, the degree and method of perception depends on the level of consciousness of the Magus, so Magi of the 1st level have a 4-dimensional (“etheric”) consciousness and they are only able to perceive tactile sensations that are energetically”outside the body” . Magi of the 2nd level “energetically” perceive 7 dimensions (“astral plane”) and have the opportunity to see and hear from a distance (“clairvoyance” and “clairaudience”). Accordingly, the perception of Magi of 3rd and 4th level is much higher. In this case, Magi of the 4th level completely move from one point to another without traversing the physical space between them (teleportation).

Pyramids are devices that displace the Assemblage Point to the outside (the projector). The basis of the action of the pyramids is a certain property of geometric forms in order to influence the properties of space (its homogeneity). As a result, a certain amount of “energy flow” arises, displacing the Assemblage Point of a person in a chamber (“sarcophagus”) located in the top golden section of the pyramid (one third of the distance from the top to the base of the pyramid). The ancient system of interstellar communications included, in addition to subspace tunnels, a system of “projectors” and “traps”. Traps are electrostatic capacitors (devices that accumulate atmospheric electricity (see descriptions of the “ark of the covenant”). Trapped by the traps, “energy bodies” received an “electric body” capable of physical interaction. Under particular conditions, such traps arise spontaneously and certain Spirits (often just objects that are outside the physical plane) are captured by them and receive electrical bodies (see information on ball lightning).

Guests from other worlds.

If the above-mentioned transition points between parallel worlds do exist, then objects must move. Of course, this can explain the many cases of disappearances of people. After all, it is not known where they were gone. There are, however, references to “returnees”, those who had disappeared, then after reappeared, and they give some strange descriptions. Some describe their getting into the past or the future, while others describe something even stranger. However, it is much more interesting when alien creatures enter our world. First of all, there are monsters of the London “Jack Skid” type – creatures more demonic than human-like. Next, come the strange black panthers whose invasions “out of nowhere” have devastated the pastures of England and Australia. This also includes all kinds of “Nessies”, giant monsters seen by witnesses in very small lakes that unable to feed the population of such monsters. In addition, reports of strange rockfalls and falling fish or frogs from the sky indicate the possibility of finding exits from the tunnels high above the ground. Furthermore, there are at least two messages about people who came to us from worlds with a different geography (where another course of events could have formed a different picture of the continents): there is one about a businessman arrested in the US, who had a passport issued in the country of Touareg, located, according to him, on an island near the coast of Africa. He was sent to a psychiatric hospital, afterward his tracks were lost. In another case, the corpse of a man was found on the street of a German city. He had a geographical map in his trouser pocket, but the outlines of the continents in this map differed from those nowadays.


In this small review, the author, Boris Monosov, tried to highlight some aspects of Magick, based on the information available to him. The author is currently a Level 3 Magus and is one of the Magi of Atlantis incarnated in this world. Like all the Magi of Atlantis, the author deals with training issues and currently he heads the school of esoteric knowledge (Magick) “Atlantis”. To date, he has written 10 books on Magick, published more than a dozen articles. In addition, he is one of the Masters of the Order of “The Lords of the Golden Cloud”, of which the school of Magick, “Atlantis” is a part. Schooling includes 4 cycles of 10 lessons. The 1st cycle is theoretical and includes knowledge of Magick. The 2nd cycle is a practical one and it includes training related to the development of the ability to see energies (shift the Assemblage Point up). The 3rd cycle develops the ability to actively influence the surrounding world (the offset of the Assembly Point in the horizontal lines). The 4th cycle is a Magickal Workshop, in which framework various techniques are developed, regarding the ability to create and use Magick Instruments. Those who pass the trials enter the Magick Order. The members of the Magick Order of “The Lords of the Golden Cloud” work with the metric of space, the multiplicity of worlds and the transitions between them.

St Petersburg 22.08.1999

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