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Consistency And Adequacy

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Gradual and consecutive learning is the very important key to the awareness of the information.

Do not chase or try to overtake someone on the path. When exchanging of experiences, do not cheat yourself. Do not try to increase of the self-esteem due to yours magical achievements. Treat yourself with humour. Most of the big mistakes were made with a serious face. Try to use a rational critic of yourself, take a time and be patient. Frequently odd statement with questions as: "Who do I want to become in the past incarnations?" - will disappear as soon as start to explore aspects of assembling the personality. Trust yourself and the system of knowledge and then you will achieve the desired result. Do not be discouraged if something does not work and do not admire of success, if you have surpassing some other students. This is not only an ethical problem, but question of conserving the Power, which is necessary to move along the path. All your actions are changing yourself, but from the moment you took the path of Magic even your thought is starting to change your life. More precisely, it always changes you, but now that the further you advance, the greater will be changes. Now you need to learn to be disciplined not only at the level of behaviour, but also at the level of thinking. However, the accumulation of forces and work with directional changes in ourselves and the world will be discussed in more detail. 

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