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Sephirothic Magic

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Sephirotic Magic

Sephirotic Magic based on the idea, which lies in the fact that the human mind is included in the planetary consciousness. From the Mages point of view, planetary consciousness regarded as a multi-tier hierarchical system like the brain of a living organism.Depending on the position of the individual minds inside the hierarchy of the planetary consciousness, people are divided into castes. And members of higher castes are interacting with the higher part of planetary consciousness. The planetary consciousness is not isotropic and has zones with the different properties. Those zones called “Sephires”. Each Sephirah is the area of the planetary consciousness vibrating on the same “frequency”. The stable flows of energy, circulating between 10 “Sephires” produces 22 channels or paths. When human consciousness’s aligns with the channel, he becomes parts of the channel, and acquires the properties associated with it. Each Sephirah has its own name, meaning some of its inherent quality and the channel is a numeric number and associated trump card from the Tarot deck (Major Arcana). The diagrammatic representation of the topology of the planetary consciousness is known as “The Tree of the Sephiroth”.



Tree of the Sephiroth Structure.

In this diagram circles denote Sephires, and the lines - channels. Sephirah are vibrators, which run on the same frequency. These vibrators are the same areas that generate rhythms of the brain. Channels are waveguides that connect the Sephirah. Human consciousness’s, interact with the channels, conducting and processing the information circulating in them. Each Sephirah has its own name, meaning some of its inherent quality and the channel is a numeric number.
In total there are 10 Sephires and 22 channels. Based on the scheme of energy circulation in the Sephiroth Tree, you can divide people into certain levels of interaction or, as in magic, "awareness". People, who interact with the channels from 22 to 18, belong to the caste of 1 - 3. Those, who interact with the 17 channels, belong to a caste of Level 4 (Mages of level 1). Mages 2nd levels interact with the channels from 16 to 10. Mages of 3rd level, correspond to channels 9 to 5. Mages 4th level, interact with the channels from 4 to 1.
The diagram shows that the 22 channels, only 3 are horizontal. These three channels share the human perception of three levels, taken in Magic: the physical world, astral and mental world. 
Triangle formed by the channels 20, 18, and 17 conventionally called the etheric world. These levels are simply designate areas of human perception of the world. Twenty-two channels make 22 quality or dimensions of this world. Physical three-dimensional world is formed by the channels 21, 22, 19.
In order to attune the person with the right channel are the so-called Major Arcana Tarot, which includes 22 cards - the configuration tables. Cards represent pictogram - pictures, consisting of the principles, or glyphs. Individual glyphs represent a system of guidelines for setting up of consciousness to the desired state. 
Matter of our Universe consists of matter, formed on the principle of the law of five elements. In Magic made graphical representation of the law.


    The Four Elements.

    The four elements represent aggregate states of matter: gas, liquid, plasma, solid. The fifth element - Aether is a living substance. 
    Our universe is bordered by the other worlds that have some aggregate state of matter similar to the aggregate state of our universe. For example, the world's elements of Fire, in its composition have plasma, similar to plasma in our world and worlds elements of Air have in their composition gas, the same gas in our world. The remaining aggregate states may be different.
    In case of contact into our world of objects from the world of Water, we'll take it as a liquid, possesses the property of fluidity, no matter what the object is in his world. People, perceive the physical world, have a minimum shift to element, which leads to significant deviations in the body. For example, the shift on the Fire causes an increase in temperature, on the water swelling, on Earth - the growth of stones, in the air - flatulence. 
    Do Mages level 1 displacement of many more, but it does not affect the state of the organism, but behaviour. An increase in the level of perception, the Mage is increasingly shifting to the elements, and each in that side, which for him is most favourable.




      Minor Arcana Tarot shows the structure of our universe, showing the displacement of the Mages on the elements. However, in common systems of Tarot cards are usually displayed only four elements. In this case, the Fire corresponded suit "Spades" or "Swords", the Water corresponds to a "Hearts" or "Cups", the Air - "Clubs" or "Rods", Earth Diamonds" or "Pentacles". Each suit begins with "two", showing that inside there is a certain zero spot, extending from conditional zero to "twos" in all directions. The magic of the second level extends from twos to tens, where Pages mean the transition to the Magic of 3rd level, stay on that, proceeds beyond the perception of ordinary people. Magic of 3rd level extends from Pages to the Kings. Mages of 4th level, correspond to Aces. Aces mark the boundaries of the universe, or the Treaty. Increasing the level of consciousness, Mages shifted to the elements, acquiring skills in the Magic of an element. 
      Work with Major Arcana in the Sephirotic Magic called Ritual Magic, and tuning to a Major Arcana - a ritual. 
      Work with Minor Arcana called Practical Magic and the interaction with the specific Minor Arcana - practice.



        "St. James Ladder".

        Each suit consists of 14 cards, or "steps", to form a kind of ladder, in Magic called a "St. James Ladder ", which leads to the boundaries of our universe. Thus, in its development, each Mage is shifting by Major Arcana, signifying a shift of an Assemblage Point (C. Castaneda) on verticals, and the Minor Arcana determining the position of the Assemblage Point by other coordinates of the Treaty. So, Fire corresponds to the signal amplitude, Water - frequency, Earth - modulation, Air - noise.
        Shifting to one of the elements, the Mage learns to manipulate the parameters of the Treaty. Before moving on to the level 3, Mage can move by the elements rather freely in any direction, once goes to level 3, he gets the final properties of the elements and become a member of the Magic of society.
        Magical society consists of orders that include Mages of this level. So, the Mages, "located in Pages” called "Arbiters", Knights mean "Directives", Queens - "Observer", the Kings - "Decisive" and the Aces - "Solvents".


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