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Full Consciousness

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Full consciousness.

This quality arises in the transition from the level of 4.1 (Psychics) at the level of 4.2 (Healers), which is associated with changes in the structure of human consciousness. By analogy with the computer, the human mind can imagine with two levels of memory (awareness of information). In the computer, the entire amount of memory is broken into discs (C, D, E, F ...). One can imagine the human mind, just divided into two areas: 1 - "personality" or "I" 2 - "subconscious" or "not I", "not me"). In the region of "I" kept the whole experience of the individual from birth until the present moment, as in "not me" area, stored experience of the same individual, gained in previous lives. There is a certain threshold of consciousness "I", which is associated with the signal level. You can say "not I" - is being, or beings, the consciousness which recorded by a very weak signal (a sharp decrease in the signal, occurs at the time of death). However, the energies of all the "past I", are summarized, and one can imagine the moment, at which this amount will reach the "threshold of sensitivity." Then all the experience gained in previous lives, will be available for the "I". This occurs during the transition to level 4.2.
Obtaining the "full consciousness" is the final step, which is going on in all the subsequent birth of this man, since the critical mass or threshold amount of energy, required for "full consciousness", has already passed. This ability (or quality) is the first step in gaining full of immortality, which is fully manifested at the level of 4.4. Here immortality looks like a continuous chain of births and deaths by the same person that keeps self-awareness after death and new birth. Such a person does not begin with every new birth of its first development (movement along the spiral), as it does with the mortal (caste 1-4.1), and continues his life in the next incarnation, gaining new experiences (the step-by-step in the development of personality). This makes it possible to accelerate the evolution of consciousness and go to the "vertical" (fast accelerated) evolution. Such a person may act consistently over many lives in pursuit of some kind of goal or purposes. 

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