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Treaty is a term used in 2 variations: general and narrow. General aspect of it describes a GHT (General Humanity Treaty), when an individual is taken as a part of a big system, he/she subordinates to the general rules of humankind functioning: we must eat, drink, coexist, generate, die...and it all happens under certain conditions which are common for all living their lives on Earth. It is the sum of all the world pictures of all the people. Narrow aspect represents personal/specific Treaty character, which goes under the rules of a peculiar cooperation of a person with the outside world; it can be modified on the base of changes inside person's development (or degradation), intentionally or chaotically. Such Treaties are many, as our choices affect the whole picture of the world. There are parallel universes, in which certain processes will go a different way. (Refer movies “The Matrix”, “The Thirteenth Floor”, “The Butterfly Effect”, and serial “Fringe”)

The simplest example of a GHT is work. Everybody knows that in order to receive one must give. According to your targets you might be asked to give time, energy, creativity, tries... - it's a rule of + and - balance. General Humanity Treaty is a product of attunement of all sentient beings in the universe. 

Let's have an example of a narrow treaty functioning! You were born and brought up a happy person with many positive life moments, open-hearted, brave, self-confident. But then, some negative event happens and you start changing the system of your beliefs and opinions, it leads to the change of your social environment (you change the NT). It's a chain reaction which is very mobile and flexible. The world in multi-dimension, looks like a tree, each action generates multiple lines of events that, in turn, generate the following divarication, bifurcation. "Butterfly effect" is a principle of a Treaty activity : Change one thing, change everything!

Try to create the educational situation yourself. Find somebodywho goes under the fame of being a loser, incapable to buy worthy/good things or choose the best variant - Treaty of incapability! Start to support all the intentions and purchases of a person; praise new things they choose; admire and fascinate their presents ....and on one day the Treaty would be changed. They'll become the lucky customers who would occur in the right place and moment, getting the best. There is a principle of attunement, this means that the assemblage points of a different people influence each other and assemble the world of not just one individual, but all the others too. 

The more difficult NT is (on the base of childhood, social experience, love, friendship, parents...) the more time and accurate approach is needed to change it for better! There's no obstacles for Treaty modulation unless it does not affect some fundamental properties of the world. 

But how does it all happen? Let's see it from inside:

There are the following Treaty characteristics:

1. Energy characteristic is amplitude of the signal, which is called in Magic “Fire”. 
2. Time response - frequency or recurrence period, which is in Magic called “Water”. Changing the amount of Water in the Treaty determines the speed of object motion in time with relevance to the time stream.
3. Modulation is a complexity, which is called in Magic “Earth”.
4. Multiple or signal noise, which is called Magic “Air”, it determines the range of methods of the Treaty, which one uses to get to the point. One may have a very good Air (methods) but without Fire (energy) the situation won't be materialized (Earth). 

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